11 May 2010


To Suomi-san, ink addict.

This I saw some weeks ago:

Japanese fountain pen company Sailor has changed its line of inks as part of their more aggressive marketing strategy. And to show them, an ink mixologist, armed with all the paraphernalia of a barman, tunes the ink color to your taste.

The Sailor webpage, event section, details the schedules: http://www.sailor.co.jp/event.

And regarding events. from May 12th to 24th stationery Itoya (links to the map and to my post on pen shops in Tokyo) holds a maki-e show with a number of makers –most likely Japanese— showing their products. I am planning to go to have a look. Anyone coming?

(Platinum WG full size – Platinum black, cartridge)

Bruno Taut
(Machida, May 10, 2010)
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Leigh said...

(major envy)
An ink mixologist!

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks for your comment.

You certainly qualify for ink mixer, but given your artistic capabilities, it would be a total waste.


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