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The fountain pen community seems to be very well interconnected and is eager to share information. Following you can find some links to websites where you could find that tip you were looking for. Of course, the list is not complete and will be forever under construction. Feel free to email me with new information. The usual disclaimer applies--I have no affiliation to any of the institutions or shops appearing on the list.

My participation on fora is very limited after some recent (in 2013) changes in the policy of some of them. My past contributions, though, can still be found on those:
   FP Geeks Forum: . My username is Iosepus.
   Fountain Pen Network. . My username is Iosepus.
   The Fountain Pen Board. . My username is Iosepus.

Other fora, in Spanish:
There are just too many pen-related Spanish-speaking fora given the actual number of Spanish-speaking stylophiles. Two Spaniards, three opinions seems at work in this environment and the consequences are not that pleasant. As of today, 2015, my participation is limited to Foro de Estilográficas
   Foro de estilográficas: . My username is Bruno Taut.
   Relojes para todos - Foro de plumas:
   Foro de relojes - Grafopasión. 

  On my blogroll there is a number of links to sites on pens and inks.
   A nice blog in Spanish:
   Pen fixing experiences in Spanish:  
   Tips on pen-fixing and a wealth of links:
On British pens: 

  On the stroke order: