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20 December 2019

Japanese Skylines

After reviewing a couple of Japanese copies of the Wahl-Eversharp Doric it is only natural continue with another copy of an iconic American pen—the Wahl-Eversharp Skyline (1941-1948).

Platinum did make such a copy, as we can see on the pics.

Wahl-Eversharp or not?

According to Masa Sunami, Platinum marketed this pen in 1948 in the Uruguayan market. And the pens here shown were indeed sent to Uruguay, as the import sticker clearly shows. On it we can read that it had been imported and taxed in conformity with the law passed on September 15th of 1952.

Quite a faithful copy...

The sticker from the tax office of the República Oriental del Uruguay.

In contrast, it seems that Platinum does not have records of these international operations –Platinum in Uruguay, Presidente in Spain, Joker in Greece, Hifra in South Africa--, and these labels and pens are the few actual documents anyone can have. However, they pose many more questions—why Uruguay? Were they sold in any other country? How big the production was? Between which years were these models manufactured?…

These Japanese Skylines are very close to the original model, as can be seen on the pictures. The differences are on the filling system —aerometric on the Platinum, lateral lever filler on the Wahl-Eversharp—, and on the nibs —more cylindrical and made of steel on the Platinum.

Skyline Standard on the front, and four Platinum copies on the back. Platinum bodies are engraved: " PLATINUM / TRADE (logo) MARK / R. NO. 374902 ".

Steel vs. gold. Steel for the Platinum copy, gold for the original Wahl-Eversharp. Note the number on the Platinum nib: P.96216. I do not know what it means.

These are the dimensions

.Platinum "Skyline".

Skyline Standard.
.Length closed (mm) __ 132 132
.Length open (mm) __ 117 125
.Length posted (mm) __ 135 146
.Max Diameter (mm) __ 14.6 14.6
.Weight, dry (g) __ 16.0 16.0

My thanks to Mr. Sunami

Yamada raden and ivory – Noodler's Beaver

Bruno Taut
Nakano, December 17th 2019
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