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19 July 2013


At the Pilot’s museum of pens Pen Station I found the following ink bottle:

GuangMyung Ink (공명잉크), from Pyongyang (평양).

Obviously Korean, but Hangul is an obscure alphabet to me despite being the most rational of them all. Some questions led to some interesting information: it was made in Pyongyang, North Korea (평양, on the bottom line of the label, on the left side). Its name, 공명잉크, transliterated, is something like GuangMyung Ink(u).

This should come as no surprise as fountain pens were the basic writing tool for many years. A supply of ink was needed in most countries either by importing or by producing it, and it is not hard to imagine Soviet and Chinese made fountain pens in North Korea during the Cold War years. But nothing can I say about the production date of this inkwell.

Platinum Belage – Platinum Pigment Blue

Bruno Taut
Yokohama, July 7th 2013
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