29 September 2010


I had already seen this pen in previous pen clinics, but I cannot help showing my admiration for what I consider a beautiful pen.

This is the Pilot Super Ultra 500, from 1959. It was designed by Shigeki Chiba and won several design awards. But its production was too expensive and the model was short lived.

In 1995, Pilot made a replica of the original, albeit with a different filling system. The 1959 model used the switch or quarter turn filler whereas the replica was a cartridge/converter pen.

Mr. Niikura brought two variations of the original pen. One with a gold plated cap, and another one –more interesting in my opinion— with a black cap with golden accents shaped as the inlaid nib inside.

Currently, these pens are highly priced in the second hand market.

With thanks to Mr. Niikura for showing these beauties.

(Pilot Elite Pocket Pen with crosshatched cap (H187) – Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-guri)

Bruno Taut
Inagi, September 28, 2010
labels: evento, Pilot

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Sola said...

I know Mr. Niikura too! He comes to the Penhood pen shows in Korea every year. Thanks to him I was reunited with my beloved mechanical pencil. It is so very nice to see his name here :)

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