23 December 2010

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The controversy is always there: Is that pen original or a copy of another? Which company did father that idea? This time, though, the answers are clear…

Most Spanish fountain pens between 1940s and 1960s were made copying the very successful design of the Parker 51—Inoxcrom, Jabalina (now STYB), ICSA, Jaguar, Regia, Sepha (made by Myadle)… They all made their own version.

One exception to this rule was the company Apolón. I claim ignorance about whether this company actually copied any Parker pen, but Apolón did copy another successful American product—the Sheaffer with Triumph nib from 1940s.

The nib inscription reads "APOLON / IRIDIUM /PEN".

Apolón, however, did not dare to copy the complex snorkel filling system and put up with a bladder-type filling mechanism.

Quite surprisingly, the filling instructions are in English.

There is barely anything written on the history of Spanish fountain pens. However, it is safe to assume this Apolón dates back from the 1950s. These pens are valued more due to their rarity than to their quality.

My thanks to Mr. Alberto Linares.

(Platinum Celluloid – J. Herbin “Lie de thé”)

Bruno Taut
(In exile, December 22th, 2010)
[labels: Apolón, España, Sheaffer]

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