01 January 2011


The final point of the previous chronicle was that a number of cartridge/converter pens could easily be transformed into eyedroppers. And some people, myself included, have made that transformation with some pens.

So, if that is so easy, why do pen companies not market such pens directly? Well, there is at least one such pen in the market—the Stipula model T.

This pen fulfills all three conditions—tight thread with a sealing gasket, no holes in the barrel, no metallic parts in contact with the ink. And this pen can use cartridges and converters. Therefore, as some fellow Fountain Pen Network member said, this pen combines THREE different systems, because not all pens using cartridges accept converters!

This simple strategy certainly raised some eyebrows among pen enthusiasts—it increased the appeal of a pen whose nib is indeed interesting. But that will be the topic of another chronicle.

(Pilot Super 200 – Visconti Sepia)

Bruno Taut
(In exile, December 31st, 2010)
[labels: soluciones técnicas, Stipula]


Julie (Okami) said...

Bruno - thanks for the great information on this pen.

Happy New Year!!

Bruno Taut said...

Happy New Year, Julie.

Thanks for your comment. This is indeed an interesting pen.


Readymade said...

The Delta Dolce Vita Oversize is a CC pen and an eyedropper too. But for some reason Delta left an exposed screw at the bottom of the barrel IIRC :p

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