07 April 2011

April Inks

It is just perfect to start the new school year with the cherry trees blooming, many Japanese think. So, many things in Japan start in April.

Sailor’s inks for 2011 are already in the market. After the sixteen seasonal inks in limited releases, this company seems to have returned to a more stable selection. Nine inks compose the new gamut, out of which three are the very traditional black, blue-black and blue. The remaining six are more creative colors.

Interestingly enough, after one year of very Yamato names, these new inks have very Western denominations, all of them written in Katakana.

(Pictore taken from Sailor's website: http://sailorshop.jp/SHOP/13-1000.html)

These are the new colors for 2011 (from left to right, from top to bottom):

1. ブラック – burakku – black
2. ピッシエ – pisshie – peach/pêche
3. ブルー – burû – blue
4. スカイハイ – sukaihai – sky-high
5. ブルーブラック – burûburakku – blue-black
6. ウルトラマリン – urutoramarin – ultra-marine
7. グレナーデ – gurenâde – grenade
8. エピナール – epinâru – epinard
9. アプリコット – apuricotto – apricot

The price in Japan has not changed: JPY 1000, plus tax. The two pigmented inks by Sailor, black and blue-black, have not changed.

(Pilot Volex demonstrator – Diamine Evergreen)

Bruno Taut
April 7, 2011
[labels: tinta, Sailor, mercado]


anele said...

¿epinard? ¿qué color es ese?
qué bonitos son...

Bruno Taut said...

Gracias, Anele, por el comentario.

Epinard no es más que espinaca, pero en francés y a lo fino.


anele said...

Nunca te acostarás sin saber una cosa más
Ja, ja, tinta color espinaca. Suena saludable ;)

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