03 November 2011

Capless 1971

Among all the Capless models manufactured by Pilot since 1964, that from 1971 is one of the most appreciated by stylophiles. It is made of plastic and stainless steel. Its stripped design pattern will later be shared with a Myu pocket pen, 1973, and a Custom model from 1974.

The three Pilots from the 1970s with black stripes.

The 1971 Capless with a hard fine gold nib.

The Capless is equipped with a 14 K gold nib unit, and it is not visibly dated. It uses the current line of Pilot cartridges and converters with the obvious exception –common to all Capless nibs— of the CON-70. The nib is attached to the rest of the set through a rather long plastic feed. This makes many people speak of a brittle pen and avoid the risk of using it. Actually, it is almost impossible to find replacing nib units for this pen. Those were specific for this model, which was on production for just two years. The following Capless, from 1973, implements nib units compatible with those currently in use.

The long feed is clearly visible on this picture.

These are the dimensions of the 1971 Capless:
Diameter: 11 mm.

Length closed: 139 mm.

Length open: 146 mm.
Weight: 19.8 g (dry).

Detail of the extended nib.

The pen opening for the nib. Contrary to other Capless models, this one is circular.

This model is on display at the Pen Station, the Pilot museum in Tokyo. Its price in the second hand market is becoming strangely high, but at the end it is a matter of how much we are willing to pay for it.

(Athena Basic Line – Sailor Yama-dori)

Bruno Taut
November 2nd, 2011
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Tortuga Vacumática said...

Simplemente preciosa.
El hecho de inventar ese tipo de pluma es todo un acierto y una innovación para su tiempo y para estos.
Yo tengo una de tercera generación, punto M y es realmente una pluma digna de compararse en escritura con algunas de las grandes.


Bruno Taut said...

Gracias por el comentario. Me pregunto de qué año es esa de la tercera generación de Capless. Espero ansioso que le hagan un reportaje en su Tortuga Vacumática.

Echen un vistazo a la página de Carmen Rivera:




Tortuga Vacumática said...

Según tengo entendido la tercera generación es la que sale a partir de 1981.
En concreto esta:


Efectivamente, en la pagina que enlazas, aparecen a partir de 1981.

Un saludo!

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