09 December 2011

Even More Ink

Japan also had its big bottles of ink at the heyday of fountain pens. The bottles I am showing today are on display at the Pilot Museum in Tokyo—the beautiful Pen Station, museum & café.

Pilot's Pen Station in Chuo ward in Tokyo.

The first bottle dates back from before 1938, as the logo –the N encircled by the lifebuoy—shows. The ad, from 1929, shows a similar bottle in the background. It holds, apparently, 14 fluid ounces (about 400 ml) for one single yen.

An ink bottle from around 1930.

Pilot ad from 1929. (Taken from Yoshiharu's blog).

The second bottle is also depicted in an ad, this time from 1950. For JPY 270 one could get 24 fl. oz. (about 700 ml) of fountain pen ink, also suitable for general purposes. The price for smaller quantities is displayed on the wooden frame: 1 oz (a little less than 30 ml) for JPY 30, and 2 oz for JPY 50.

About 700 ml. of Pilot ink.

Pilot's ink ad from 1950. (Taken from Yoshiharu's blog).

Nowadays, Pilot still sells ink bottles of 350 ml for JPY 1575. Just three colors are available: black, blue-black and red.

(Pilot Prera, eyedropper – Senator Regent Royal Blue)

Bruno Taut
December 8th, 2011
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