25 March 2012

Size 10, by Waterman

Nibmeister Yamada is an avid, and brilliant, collector of early Waterman pens. His collection includes a couple of units with size-10 nibs—and unusual and spectacular nib. The pens are eyedroppers (model 20) with a large ink capacity.

Another view of the impressive collection of early Watermans of Mr. Yamada.

The two pens with size-10 nibs.

The two nibs have different engravings.

The 500-yen coin has a diameter of 26.5 mm, a bit over one inch.

In a sense, these Watermans would be the inspiration for the Japanese jumbo pens of the 1930s. However, their purposes were probably different—a symbol of status on the American pen, and a way to ease the grip in the case of the Japanese tools.

My thanks to Mr. Yamada.

(Aurora 88 – Pelikan 4001 Blue Black)

Bruno Taut
March 23th, 2012
[etiquetas: estilofilia, Waterman]

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