10 April 2012

On Blogger

This blog is hosted by Google and uses the tools of Blogger.com. It was an easy decision when I started these texts. At first, you only want something easy and ready available, and eager to write as I was when starting, I did not do much search.

However, after two years in this activity, after having learned a couple of things, Blogger is indeed not up to the challenge. Google/Blogger insists in implementing cosmetic changes in the interface, but the actual problems –mostly in the editor and in the composition— have never been tackled nor solved.

Some complaints have also been raised on the problems to publish comments to these texts, and this shows a great lack of support for us, blog authors, and for its own service. Blogs are fed and fueled by comments, and these issues are very discouraging.

I wonder, therefore, if Google were really interested in keeping this service. I know now that Blogger is not a sensible option for anyone thinking of starting in this. Maybe blogs are not fashionable anymore and they do not attract enough money or attention… However, there are many other servers and options in the market.

(Danitrio 挽栄, Ban-eiSailor Jentle 土用, Doyô)

Bruno Taut
April 10th, 2012
[etiquetas: metabitácora]

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