30 June 2012

Brick in the Wall

Consumerism is indeed a brick in the wall of the economic system now collapsing. A system both unfair and corrupted.

In a nutshell, that is the essence of my reluctance to consider myself as a collector. Now, the stakes are higher—people are evicted everyday, people in Greece and in Portugal and in Spain are being humiliated by being forced to give up on hardly gained rights…

Is there any room to speak about such superfluous tools as fountain pens? Are pens and stylophiles just bricks in the wall?

Sailor pocket pen, inlaid nib – Wagner red-black ink

Bruno Taut
June 11th, 2012
etiquetas: mercado, metabitácora


Fer said...

Sabias palabras...

Mauro Petrole said...

Excelente blog. Felicitaciones!!! Tienes un link en mi nuevito blog.

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