31 July 2012

Short Capless 1965

The first Pilot Capless, we saw, cost JPY 6000 in 1963. The second model, in 1964, JPY 3000. In Spring of 1965, the price went down to JPY 1000 for this model made of aluminum. Later models, as early as next fall, were marketed for JPY 5000.

Long vs. short Capless models released in Spring 1965.

This might not be the most appealing Capless model ever made, but it has some interesting features. There existed two versions—short (CS-100RW) and long (C-100RW), the later being rarer than the former. Their inking still relied on the double-spare type of cartridges and, therefore, we now need to use the CON-W converter. These pens are quite light and well balanced. The dimensions of the short version are as follows:

Diameter: 11 mm.
Length closed: 134 mm.
Length open: 126 mm.
Weight: 15.2 g (dry with converter CON-W).

Short model with its nib unit made of steel.

Closed, retracted,...

...and open, extended. Note how the small door opens out of the pen body.

The nibs, in all the units I have seen of these two models, were made of steel. The one I am showing was manufactured in March 1966.

My thanks to Mr. Niikura.

Pilot Decimo – Pgary’s red-black ink

Bruno Taut
July 24th, 2012
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