30 October 2012

Inks and Marketing

What does it take to upgrade a regular ink to the category of fancy perfume-like essence?

Maybe a nice package makes the metamorphosis, for this seems the trick played by Pilot. The newly released Iroshizuku ink by the name of Take-sumi is, to my eyes, remarkably similar to the regular black ink of Pilot. The problem is the price difference: JPY 31.5/ml for the fancy Iroshizuku, and JPY 14.0/ml for the boring black.

Scanned picture. As usual, the color rendition depends heavily on the screen calibration and on the light under which the image is seen.

Photography of the same piece of paper shown above.

Is the bottle really that expensive?

Pilot Custom Heritage 91, SFM nib – Diamine Teal

Bruno Taut
Yokohama, October 31th, 2012
labels: Pilot, tinta, mercado

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Shangching said...

In my experience of using Iroshizuku samples, I found that it is not drastically different than some of the economical ones. My observation is that if the bottle is somewhat pretty, the ink becomes more expensive. The same can be observed in Pelikan Edelstien and Caran d'Ache.

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