22 November 2012

Size 80

For some reason, vintage Sailor pens are really hard to find in the market. And that is strange given the fact that Sailor Pen Company in now over 100 years old and that it became successful soon after it begun its operations. Successful, though, does not really imply being large, and in fact Sailor remains as the smaller among the big three Japanese pen companies.

The overall length of this ebonite eyedropper is 160 mm.

The immediate consequence is that per-war Sailor pens are valued rarities. That is the case of this eyedropper made of ebonite (hard rubber). Being Japanese, it implements the corresponding shut-off valve operated from the tail. But the most impressive detail is the size 80 nib in 14 K gold.

On this picture, the tail is slightly unscrewed. Therefore, the connection between the ink deposit and the feed is open.

The old log of the company, engraved on the clip.

The overall condition of this pen is very good despite its age. It dates back from around 1930.

The size 80 nib in 14 K gold. The exposed part of the nib is almost 30 mm. long. The engraving reads "14 CRT. GOLD / (Sailor logo) / REGISTERED / PATENT.OFFICE / -80- ".

Sailor manufactured an even larger nib at the time. It was labeled as 200 and is a holy grail among Sailor’s pens.

My thanks to Mr. Sunami.

Pilot Elite pocket pen, posting nib – Pilot Blue

Bruno Taut
Shinjuku, November 6th, 2012
labels: Sailor, plumín

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Anonymous said...

I AM jealous. What an amazing find. I can console myself with two of its exact rather less remarkable siblings-- a #60 and a #40 (this with all its original labels still attached to the pen). Wonderful nibs.

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