25 January 2013

Cut-away (II)

As we all know in here, the Pilot Myu-701 is an all-steel pen in which the nib is just an extension of the section. Therefore, it is not possible to make a real demonstrator version of it. There existed transparent versions of its close relative the Pilot Volex, and those were shown on these Chronicles.

The all-steel Pilot Myu 701.

A Pilot Volex in black and its transparent sister.

But Pilot does have a cut-away model of the all-steel pen. It can be seen at their museum of pen—the Pilot Pen Station in Tokyo.

The cut-away Myu 701 at the Pilot museum.

Montblanc 221 – Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue

Bruno Taut
Yokohama, January 25th, 2013
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ML said...

I used to want a Pilot Myu or M90 more than any other pen. Even though time has passed, I still pine for one. I've always wondered why Pilot doesn't re-introduce the M90/Myu into regular production. Yes, they were hard to make, but they'd sell magnificently. I know that they were considered 'weird' in the '70s, but that really is a testament to their forward-thinking design. It's absolutely marvelous :) Thanks for the awesome post, Bruno!


Bruno Taut said...

The M90, released on 2008, was not that expensive--JPY 12000 (plus tax). And I do not think Pilot lost any money with it. So your questions are also mine.

Now, scarcity is also a powerful marketing technique, as you might know.

Thanks for passing by and commenting.


Anonymous said...

Cuanto mas la miro,mas me gusta...
Al ver la fotografia del museo pilot, me surge una pregunta:
Existe alguna forma de desarmarla para hacer una limpieza a fondo ?

Gracias por enseñar

Bruno Taut said...

Gracias por acercarse a estas páginas y por animarse a escribir un comentario.

Desde luego, la Myu es una pluma preciosa y especial.

Desmontarla es muy sencillo con la herramienta adecuada. El alimentador queda fijado en su emplazamiento por la pieza donde se acopla el cartucho de tinta. Esta pieza va roscada en el interior de la sección-plumín. Basta con liberar esta pieza para sacar el alimentador.



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