19 April 2013

No Risk

My admired Ira Glass –I am a die-hard fan of the Chicago Public Media show This American Lifeonce wrote that he had had a nightmare involving Howard Stern. The whole issue was how much harder Stern’s life in the waves was if compared to his own, Ira Glass’s, conducting his more serious, apparently, program.

I am nowhere close to Ira Glass. I only write, and poorly for that matter, about fountain pens, and that is easy. I do not challenge any restrictive law; I do not deal with religious matters… So, all is fine. But that is not the case for many. Writing about politics, about religion, or even about Science when it is about Evolution might trigger some bitter reactions that might not be limited to just hate-mail.

This is not about declaring here and now my adhesion to this or that cause. This is just to acknowledge and honor the work of those who actively defend the right of free speech and who suffer the consequences. And I thank them—for the right of free speech is not to be taken for granted. Neither offline or online.

Pilot Belage, steel nib – Wagner ink 2008

Bruno Taut
Shinjuku, April 17th, 2013
etiquetas: metabitácora

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