31 May 2013


Some weeks ago, I wrote about a Platinum pen from the 1960s that sported a beautiful music nib. Following a couple of indicators I guessed that it had been made by the mid 1960s. One of those was the old globe logo of Platinum engraved on the nib and on the cap. This old globe, let us remember, had been officially replaced in 1968 by the current logo showing a P.

The P-300 Platinum.

The nib in detail--the old Platinum logo together with the manufacturing date--544, May 1969.

A more careful inspection of nib revealed the imprint of a date—544, or May of Showa year 44, corresponding to 1969. And that on the same side of the nib stamped with the pre-1968 logo.

A newer Platinum music nib with the post-1968 logo--save transitional units. This newer nib was cast in 1973.

This nib, thus, shows that the transition between logos took some time. “Sounds very Platinum”, a stylophile friend told me in Tokyo. “They often take decisions before having the money to implement them.”

And the Platinum P-300 I showed was manufactured later than I had assumed. The nib was stamped in 1969.

Platinum 3776 (1978) – Platinum Blue-Black

Bruno Taut
Machida, May 7th 2013
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