13 August 2013

Three More, But Not New

It seems now that Pilot has completed its catalog of Iroshizuku inks, this big success for the Japanese company given the unanimous praising comments on blogs and fora, and despite the ridiculous princes in many a market.

Ink, pen, and paper: 21 of the 24 Iroshizuku inks ready to be tested at a department store in Tokyo.

The latest tally of these inks is 24. The first five of them -–Asa-gao, Aji-sai, Kon-peki, Tsuyu-kusa and Tsuki-yo—- were marketed on December 2007, and the latest release -—Take-sumi, Shin-kai, Ama-iro-- dates from November 2012. But, are all those all the inks marketed under this magic label? No. On January 2009 Pilot launched three new inks named “Tokyo Limited Edition”. The names, always fancy, are related to the big city:

Edo-murasaki (江戸紫), Edo purple. Obviously, a purple color.
Shimbashi-iro (新橋色), Shimbashi color. A turquoise.
Fukagawa-nezu (深川鼠), Fukagawa mouse. A greenish grey.

The brochure of the Tokyo Limited Edition of Iroshizuku inks.

They were available at some shops in Tokyo, and there might still be some available inkwells. The price was the same as the rest of the Iroshizuku inks—JPY 1500, plus tax.

Inkwell of one of the Tokyo Limted Edition inks--the Shimbashi color.

The important question, however, is a different one—now that the Iroshizuku catalog is completed, will Pilot release more limited edition colors? The ink market in Japan looks surprisingly quiet.

Sailor Ballerie pocket pen – Sailor Blue

Bruno Taut
Shinjuku, August 12th 2013
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Bana Sıkça Yaz said...

Edo seems great and Fukagawa looks like Montblanc Jonathan Swift.

By the way, distributor company brought four colors (just four and not including yama-budo for instance) to Turkey for 50-60 USD!!!!

Incredible, isn't it?

Unknown said...

I would love to get my hands on that Fukagawa-nezu

Thanks for sharing :-)

Bruno Taut said...

That is supply and demand, dear "write to me often", combined with the very protective laws on imports in Turkey. Now, inks are not that expensive and you could order them from overseas. They would hardly go over the legal limit on imports.

Thanks for passing by and commenting.


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