19 March 2014

Back in Town

Yes, I am back in town after some weeks away from these Chronicles. Unexpected hectic times happen now and then… My apologies to all those regular visitors.

And back in town are also some old Sailor inks.

By the end of 2009, Sailor changed its selection of ink colors. And Sailor did this by launching a series seasonal inks: four collections of four inks matching the seasons of 2009 (Winter) and 2010. These were limited releases –that old trick to increase the demand by inducing some anxiety on collectors.

Two of the old (2009-2010) seasonal inks--Miruai and Yama-dori. Both of them are among those marketen again.

Those inks are mostly gone, and are also missed by many.

Now, Sailor has reissued eight of those sixteen inks under the name “inks of the four seasons”. Their package is slightly different to those of 2009-2010, and they show a more colorful box. The colors selected now (2014) are the following:

常磐松 - Tokiwa-matsu
時雨 - Shigure

匂菫 - Nioi-sumire
海松藍 - Miruai

土用 - Doyô
蒼天 - Sôten

山鳥 - Yama-dori
奥山 - Oku-yama

The eight seasonal inks now released.

The 2014 edition of the seasonal inks is more colorful.

The price remains the same: JPY 1000, plus tax. There are no news on whether this is, again, a limited release or not.

Platinum pocket pen, manifold nib (18 K) – Platinum Violet

Bruno Taut
Nakano, March 18th, 2014
etiquetas: Sailor, mercado, tinta


Anonymous said...

Hi, what store in Tokyo/Japan did you find these? My friend was just at Nasagawa in Kobe and they told him a couple of days ago that Yamadori was still out of production.

Bruno Taut said...

I saw these "new" Sailor inks in several shops in Tokyo, including some with discount prices. These inks were also announced on the last issue of the magazine Shumi-no Bungubako.



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