20 August 2014


Does anyone read my texts or looking at the pictures is mostly all we do when "reading" a blog, any blog?

Inoxcrom 77, steel nib - Platinum Black

Bruno Taut
Nakano, August 12th 2014
etiquetas: metabitácora


Tortuga Vacumática said...

It depends on the showed photos and if the pen causes some interest on me.
I follow many blogs, and reading everything is a hard job to do, as you know.

Anonymous said...

I read them if the pen or topic interests me. If pictures get my attention I'll read the article.

Anonymous said...

I look and read if the pen/topic in question is of interest.

Anonymous said...

I read and enjoy your posts. A very interesting blog. Thanks for writing it.

Bana Sıkça Yaz said...

Writing font is a bit small. If it is a long article, then it is a bit hard to read all of it :/

jazzactuel said...

your input through this blog is really valuable to the community! Keep up the good work

Matthew Wild said...

I come for the pictures but stay for the words.

(If I wanted just pictures I'd spend all my time on Google image search.)

Paul Bloch said...

Yes, I READ your blog, often more than once. And I only look at those pictures which interest me. Yours, my friend, is one of five pen blogs I read regularly, and I do so because I can learn from them. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Mostly for the words, but the photos too, surely.

Hope you continue posting! :)


Peninkcillin said...

Oh I definitely read the text. Pictures without a story behind them don't always tell me much.

Kostas K. said...

Same here, I do read the words but I salivate with the pictures!
And I keep coming back as a reference. You are our man in Japan.
Keep calm and carry on bloging ;-)
Thank you.

Andrea Kirkby said...

I certainly do read the words! It's always interesting to know more about the history of the pens and the pen industry. And sometimes it takes words to point out what's really interesting or unique about a design.

Dr. D said...

Hello Bruno!
I really READ your posts.
It is true that photographs usually attract us to read, but just viewing pictures is not my game.
I´m always interested in learning what the Blog owner has to tell me.
Yours is one of the very few Blog/pages I follow and find entertaining and informative.
Thank you and keep your great work!
Kind regards, Dr. D.

ashokdad said...

I definitely enjoy and learn by READING your posts. Thanks for the time and effort you put into blogging.

Unknown said...

Yes, I read. And, as you can see, look through older posts. Those that I want to refer to again I put into Evernote. Many I will share on Google +. Thank you for your interesting posts.

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