13 January 2015

15 ml Iroshizuku

Iroshizuku inks, by Pilot, have a new presentation. Up to now –up to November of 2014--, the basic presentation is the well-known 50 ml inkwell. In the past, Fall of 2010, there existed an alternative: three 20 ml inkwells for JPY 3000 (plus taxes). Those packs had their colors set and the buyer could not create his personal selection.

The old three-pack presentation--three 20 ml inkwells for JPY 3000, plus tax.

Now, Pilot has gone one step forward: 15 ml inkwells in all 24 colors of the Iroshizuku gamut. Pilor calls the “Iroshizuku Mini”. The price is JPY 700, plus taxes. However, Pilot’s website implies that these inkwells come is sets of three, albeit one could freely choose the colors. At some shops, Pilot adds, only made-up sets might be available. Nonetheless, I have managed to buy just one single of them without even asking for any special treat.

The Yama-guri inkwell hold 20 ml and belongs to the presentation released on September of 2010. The Shin-ryoku inkwell contains 15 ml. Its price is JPY 700, plus tax, although it might not be available individually.

The drawback of this new presentation is, needless to say, the price. The already expensive Iroshizuku ink becomes even more so—from JPY 30/ml to JPY 47/ml in the new presentation (taxes not included).

The question strikes back—quantity or variety?

Athena Basic Line – Sailor Yama-dori

Bruno Taut
Nakano, January 13th, 2015
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Bana Sıkça Yaz said...

They are incredibly pretty :)

Zaida said...

I prefer the big ink bottles. The small ones remind me the top coat for nails. :-)

Pedro Haddock said...

Love the inks but do not know if the price is fair enough. I'd rather take the whopper!

Peninkcillin said...

This is good news. Full sized bottles are too expensive for someone like me who doesn't drink gallons of ink.

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