16 June 2015

Pilot Capless - 1984 - FCN-500R. I. Introduction

In the evolution of the Capless model by Pilot, things become a bit more complicated in 1984. Up to now, each model used its own nib unit and the nib units were not usable in other models. Some nib units, though, showed a number of variations, but their use, should I insist, was limited to a particular Capless model. An obvious example of this is that of the RW models from 1965, whose nib units had up to four different variations.

That changed in 1984. The model encoded as FCN-500R implemented the same unit as its predecessor CN-400BS. Later on, around 1990, the nib unit was redesigned, but keeping the basic geometry that allowed its use in all models made after December of 1973 (from CN-400BS on).

These units can be used in all Capless models made after December of 1973.

In actual terms, it is questionable whether this 1984 FCN-500R constitutes a new model or it is just a cosmetic variation of the previous one. The similarities are very obvious, starting, for instance, by the nose-clip piece made of aluminum.

Different models or just variations? On top, the CN-400BS from 1973; on bottom, the FCN-500R from 1984.

But for the sake of these texts, these variations or models will be considered as separate models. Otherwise, all Capless after 1973 should be considered as variations of the CN-400BS with the only possible exception of the Fermo model (FDF-2MR) of 2006. And if so, the description of all of them would be unnecessarily complicated.

All these models use the same nib unit. From top-left to bottom-right, CN-400BS (1973), FCN-500R (1984), FC-15SR (1998), FCT-15SR (Décimo, 2005), and FDF-2MR (Fermo, 2006).

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Bruno Taut
Chuo, June 13th, 2015
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I am liking the 1973 clip. I have a Decimo and I think I would prefer this type of clip.

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