19 October 2016

Sailor Profit Slim Mini (II)

This pen, the Sailor Profit Slim Mini is not new in the market. In fact, I spoke about it last year—Sailor made a small batch (120 units) to be sold at some Sailor Friendly Shops located in West Tokyo. They came in different colors and implemented medium-sized nibs made of 14 K and 21 K gold of both the regular H (hard) and Naginata lines of nibs. And not much more was known.

This pen comes with a pouch.

120 units are not that many even if concentrated in such a localized area. After all, the Kanto region, where Tokyo and Yokohama and Kawasaki are located, hosts about 34 million people. However, there are still some units left at some of those Sailor-favored shops.

On the front, a small Profit (1911 in some markets) in black. This particular unit implements a 21 K gold nib. The Slim Mini is significantly shorter albeit their caps are of the same size.

A characteristic of the Mini series of modern Sailors (flat tops and balance models) is the possibility to screw the cap on the barrel by means of some ad-hoc threads.

And right now (on issue 39, October 2016), the Japanese publication Shumi-no Bungubako (趣味の文具箱, by EI Publications; ISBN: 978-4-7779-4230-5) offers this same pen to its customers. This is a regular policy of this publisher: special editions that can only be bought through them. These special pens usually are variations on well-known Japanese pens. Sailor is a regular provider of these pens, but by no means the only one.

The Shumi-no Bungubako versions of the Profit Slim Mini share the price with the older models offered by the Sailor Friendly Shops: JPY 18,000, plus tax. The colors are completely different and unique: blue –which is labeled as “limited”– and pearl white.

The Profit Slim Mini on the page 110 of the magazine Shumi-no Bungubako (issue 39, October 2016) offering this model in two different variations. Only the blue (on top) is said to be "limited" (限定).

And the question posed last year remains open: is this a pen to test the market, a prototype of future models of Sailor’s? So far, we only know that this model, the Sailor Profit Slim Mini, is still alive.

Pilot Myu 701 – Montblanc White Forest

Bruno Taut
Shinjuku, October 16th , 2016
labels: Sailor, mercado, Shumi-no Bungubako


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