14 February 2017

Snakewood Platinum

This story has already been told on these Chronicles, but it might be worth to remember it in view of a slightly different pen variation.

Platinum had discarded the use of self filling mechanisms on its pens by the mid 1950s to the cry “good bye, ink bottle”. Since then, however, Platinum kept manufacturing ink bottles while making only cartridge filling pens. This policy continues to this day –even the sister company Nakaya does not produce any self-filling pen.

The snakewood version of the Platinum 70th Anniversary pen.

There were two exceptions—the Senator Regent branded as Platinum, and the 70th anniversary series of piston fillers released in 1989. These pens came in several colors and materials.

On the nib we can see the following inscription: " 14 K - 585 / PLATINUM / 70 / logo with letters SNT / < B > ".

The ebonite feed.

We have already seen one of those models—that made of jade green celluloid. Today’s pen is a wooden version of the same pen. On this occasion, the pen is made of snakewood, and the result is a bigger and heavier pen.

There is an inscription on the handle of the piston: "W-NO-0158". Is it the unit number? I do not have an answer.

The ball clip is clearly signed as 'PLATINUM". On the cap ring there is another one: "K18-750".

These are its dimensions:

Length closed: 148 mm
Length open: 132 mm
Length posted: 169 mm
Diameter: ca. 16 mm
Weight: 30.6 g (dry)

My thanks to Paco-san.

Paidi Century 5 – Bril Turquoise Blue

Bruno Taut
Nakano, February 13th, 2017
etiquetas: Platinum


Nikos said...

Thank you for showing this pen. It probably is my all time favorite modern Japanese pen as it combines wonderful material, a piston filling mechanism, excellent balance and overall writing experience! Nikos

Bruno Taut said...

Thank YOU, Nikos. These Platinum pens of the 70th anniversary are all appealing... and so rare.

Thanks for passing by and commenting.


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