24 October 2017


It is already here—the announced Pilot Custom Urushi in vermillion is already in the shops.

The new, although not so much of a novelty, Custom Urushi in vermillion.

Now it becomes crystal clear which parts of this pen are made of ebonite, and coated with urushi, and which parts are made of plastic. As we already knew, the Custom Urushi follows the patterns of the Pilot Custom 845, whose red urushi model –sold only at the stationary shop Asahiya Kami Bungu—is shown on the picture.

The well-known Pilot Custom 854 in red urushi sold at Asahiya Kami Bungu, in Tokyo.

The price of this red Custom Urushi is the same as of the original black pen—JPY 88000, plus tax.

Clavijo Velasco Ro-iro – Pilot Irsohizuku Yama-budo

Bruno Taut
Nakano, October 24th 2017
labels: Pilot, maki-e, mercado


Leo said...

I have waited for this moment ever since I tried my friend's custom urushi last year!

Nikos said...

Thank you for the update! Although it's a nice looking pen, I would have really liked to see a full vermillion urushi pen. I guess it's much cheaper to use some commons parts between the two (or perhaps more in the future) versions, but in my eyes it's not all that exciting. I think there would have been market for the to launch a full ebonite vermillion and charge some more for it.


Bruno Taut said...

Thanks, Leo and Nikos, for your comments.

On this I tend to agree with Nikos. Enticing as the "shu urushi" is, the contrast between the (plastic) black parts and the (ebonite) coated in red is not that exciting to my eyes. I would also rather an all red pen.

Thanks to you both for your support.


Pedro Haddock said...

Love it but, yes, I do prefer the all black item as well. The red-black opposition is not my cup of tea when speaking about urushi, specially because it comes too much clear which part is urushi and with is not. Much better an entire red piece. Cheers and thank you for everything

Bruno Taut said...

Gracias a ti, Capitán. Nos vemos en Madrid en unos días.


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