07 July 2018

A Collection?

At first, most of us stylophiles, follow the same pattern. At some point we became attracted to fountain pens and started buying and accumulating as many pens as we possibly could.

And then came the typical question seasoned collectors ask:

‘What do you collect?’

The new aficionado has only one realistic answer:

‘Everything I can afford.’

An accumulation...

The question, needless to say, calls the newcomer in a number of ways: be selective, be wise with your resources, be patient… All those things so difficult to watch at first. Only time and experience teach wiser strategies in the art of collecting. But there is one detail seasoned collectors rarely say or do not really think about:

It is not just one collection you can pursuit, but several of them.

A collection. Just a possible collection. Or just one of them.

The discipline of collecting is learnt in an almost unconscious way by becoming aware of the limited resources at our disposal. And soon afterwards we also see that several arguments –several collections— is a way to keep the joy of collecting alive. After all, a strict limit on our collection might transform our hobby into a nightmare.

However, money counts, and money sets the true limits, and money is mostly everything. And collecting is a class activity.

But there is a collection to every budget. Or, even, more than one.

Sailor pocket pen, WG nib – Tomiya Tomikei Blue

Bruno Taut
Nakano, July 7th 2018
etiquetas: estilofilia


Papish said...

Completely agree. However, I still find myself hoarding!

I miss a picture of your capless collection in this post.

Hope you're well 🙂

bikersbrew said...

Great article Bruno!

Nikos said...

In a very short and concise way you so accurately describe the essence of collecting and the various collecting phases most of us go/went through. In the end, it all boils down to available funds ....money, money, money.

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks you, Papish, Bikersbrew and Nikos, for your nice comments. I am happy to see that my words clicked on some of you. It is good to see you are not alone.

I must apologize for my delay in replying--Blogger, always making life complicated, stopped sending notifications when a comment was published on these pages.

Thanks you all for passing by and commenting.



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