20 January 2019

Nagahara 2020

The bare news:

Nibmeister Yukio Nagahara will retire from his current position in Sailor in February of 2020. He plans to pursue an independent career under the name “The Nib Shaper”. Nagahara is already preparing the website of this new operation.

Who will succeed Nagahara in Sailor?

Iwase Seisakusho prototype – Sheaffer Blue-black

Bruno Taut
Nakano, January 20th 2019
Etiquetas: Sailor, nibmeister Yukio Nagahara


Ppsystem said...

We'll be awaiting news.
Thanks Bruno for the news!

Saltire Turquoise said...

Looking forward to seeing this! Will you be doing an interview with him for an article?

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks, Pp and Saltire.

Mr. Nagahara has already said that his operation --The Nib Shaper-- had already begun. In fact, "The Nib Shaper" will attend an event this coming March. About an interview, hard to say. Thanks for the suggestion.



Scott in GA said...

also, his website is up and running, no help for us non-Nihon types. http://thenibshaper.com/

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks, Scott!


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