30 June 2020

French Platinum

Platinum pens in disguise are not uncommon (::1::, ::2::, ::3::), but they always come as a surprise. The latest example is the following pen labeled as Mallat.

A Platinum or a Mallat? Picture by Pomperopero.

Mallat was a French company that produced writing instruments since the 1890s, and fountain pens since the late 1910s. However, this company stopped manufacturing fountain pen in the 1960s, but stayed in the market of inexpensive writing tools, including some fountain pens presumably made by others. The brand disappeared in the 1990s.

The cap ring reads "MALLAT", and on its back side it says "JAPON". And the nib is engraved with the logo of the Japan Industrial Standards (JIS). Picture by Pomperopero.

Under this name Mallat we find the Windsor model that in actual terms is a platinum 3776 from the days when their feeds were made of ebonite. The nib, on this French pen, is made of steel. Its date shows that it was made in 1984.

Nib and feed scream Platinum out loud. The nib is dated on the back side--459 meaning April of Showa year 59, 1984. Picture by Pomperopero.

A similar model existed in Japan as Platinum. This pen was, in essence, a simplification of the original corrugated model marketed initially in 1978 and that still survives in the Platinum catalog. This Platinum from the mid 1980s still implements ebonite feeds. The example here shows sports a 14 K gold nib.

The equivalent Platinum 3776, albeit with a gold nib.

This French Platinum is obviously related to the better known Diplomat pen “Tiffany and Co.” This Diplomat was, once again, a 3776 with ebonite feed, 18 K gold nib, and a body made of briar wood marketed in the 1980s.

My thanks to Pomperopero (IG: inakidema), whose pictures are greatly appreciated.

Pilot Capless LS – Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-budo

Bruno Taut
Sumida, June 27th, 2020
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