04 August 2020

Safari in Japan

The well-known Lamy Safari is a popular pen in Japan. And that despite the high price this pen commands—JPY 4000, plus tax, at this moment. Yes, you can find it for less at discount shops, but the starting point is about twice the price in Europe.

The popularity in Japan can be seen on the large number of editions made exclusively for this market and for specific shops. The last example of this is the following Vista model (transparent Safari) with the brand name imprinted on the barrel both in alphabet and in the Japanese syllabary katakana (ラミー).

The Lamy Vista Katakana.

This pen is for sale at just one shop in Japan, and its price is higher than usual: JPY 4500, plus tax.

As I said, this is just the last example of a special edition focused on the Japanese market. The following picture shows some of them:

From front to back,

1. 2005. Griso edition made for the magazine Shumi-no Bungubako.

2. 2008. Vista made for Shumi-no Bungubako. 100 units.

3. 2010. White with red clip and red dot. Re-issued in 2013. Edition for Japan.

4. 2011. Black with yellow clip and red tassie. 150 years of friendship between Japan and Germany.

5. 2018. White with red clip and grey cross tasie. Edition for Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

6. 2019. White with black clip. For Japan.

7. 2020. Vista with Lamy in katakana on the barrel. Exclusive for a shop in Japan.

For more information on special editions of the Safari in East Asia you can check KMPN's blog. However, it seems that a comprehensive list of editions and variations of the Lamy Safari has not yet been compiled.

And the rehashing continues...

Pilot Capless LS – Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-budo

Bruno Taut
Nakano, August 3rd 2020
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Ermenda Ermasguapo said...

Para mi la Safari es una pluma fea y torpota cuya única gracia es ser decididamente funcional. Cuando empizan a hacer estas cosas no puedo evitar acordarme de la mona y la seda.

Aya Guevara said...

Hi! Do you have any close up photos of the 2008 Vista? Or maybe just some description of how it looks like? I think I might have one unit, but I'm not sure. Thank you!

Bruno Taut said...

Aya Guevara,

I guess you meant the Shumino Bungubako version of the Vista released in 2008, but it is not clear from your words.

Anyway, you can see that pen in the third picture. That is the second pen starting from the front.

In any event, it is just a regular Vista with the inscription "Shumino Bungubako" in Japanese on the barrel: 趣味の文具箱.



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