23 December 2020

More Custom 74

In essence, the Pilot Custom 74 is a torpedo-shaped pen, with golden accents, and a 14 karat gold nib. Its current price is JPY 12000 (JPY 14000 for two of its nibs), and that makes it to become the basic gold-nib pen of the brand.

But here were some variations on that model. As I described some time ago, in 1993 Pilot issued a special edition of a flat-top Custom 74 for the share holders of Pilot Corporation. That edition implemented a coarse (a BB or BBB) point in the usual size 5 nib.

At the time of publishing that text some commentators mentioned that there had been some other editions of flat-top Custom 74 with other nibs, but not many details were finally offered.

The pen I am showing today belongs to one such edition. In this occasion, the pen sports a three-tined music nib (size 5). Its manufacturing date is December of 1992. The pen came also with a label stating the nib point and the price—JPY 15000.

A flat-top Custom 74 with a music nib.

These data make the pen all the more interesting. First, the manufacturing date is very close to that of the share-holder edition (February of 1993), Therefore, both pens were manufactured with different purposes in similar dates.

Two flat tops; one for sale, another for share holders.

Two Custom 74 with music nibs, both available at the shops at some point.

Second, the label shows that this pen was for sale. Its price –JPY 15000- was higher than that of the torpedo version with music nib--JPY 12000 at the time.

So, all these pens raise more questions than they answer. Was this flat-top with music nib part of a limited edition? Was it ever included in the regular catalog? What other nib points were available?

And the search continues.

Parker 61 — Unknown blue-black

Bruno Taut
December 22th 2020
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Saltire Turquoise said...

Interesting article. Perhaps they were using up some random spares to complete pens.

Thanks for another year of your thoughts. Hopefully, 2021 will be a little less challenging to get through.

Perhaps someone will make an exciting breakthrough in nibs!

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks, Saltire. I appreciate your words of support very much.

About this unusual Custom 74, nothing else can I say, but I will keep on asking questions.

Hope to see you around in 2021.



J. said...

Very interesting post. From my own point of view the custom 74 is a very versatile fountain pen. From a workhorse pen to a corporate present. Design in both cases That seems previews of the Custom 91? Clip apart of course. Congrats for the blog and, obviously merry crhistmas and a happy 2021. All the best!

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks, J, for your words and good wishes.

I agree--the Custom 74 is an excellent pen for many reasons.

Happy 2021 for you--and for all! I guess we all need a better year...


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