26 April 2023

New Izumo (I)

Platinum has just announced a new release of the well-known Izumo series of pens.

The name of this new variations is Iro Urushi, colored lacquer, and is composed by two models –Aitetsu Iro, a bluish green pen; and Budô Nezu, brown with greyish tones.

Platinum Izumo Iro Urushi Aitetsu Iro.

Budô Nezu Izumo. Note the silver trim on both pens.

But what might be more relevant to this new pens is the implementation of a different nib with an additional nib point. Traditionally, Izumo pens sport President nibs of 18 K gold with points F, M and B. The exception are the models made of weaved bamboo –the Yokoajiro and the Gozame with catalog references PBA–120000Y, and PBA-120000G, whose nibs are of the #3776 type.

The new nib. Or not so new. And for the first time, there will be Izumo pens with BB points.

And these #3776 nibs, rhodiated and made of 18 K Au, will also be used on the new Iro Urushi Izumo pens with the options of F, M, B and BB points.

Two questions remain open: will these #3776 nibs be implemented on the existing spindle-shape Izumo pens? How much will these Iro Urushi pens cost?

Parker 51 burgundy – Tomikei Blue (Sailor)

Bruno Taut
Yokohama, April 26th, 2023
etiquetas: plumín, maki-e, mercado, Platinum

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