16 November 2010

Madrid Pen Shops - November 2010

This chronicle, as that devoted to pen shops in Tokyo, needs a special attention to be of any utility. The updated version can be found on this page in this blog.

Madrid was my city for many years. Now I am just another visitor. A frequent visitor if you would, but a visitor nonetheless.

I started writing with fountain pens in this city. I took probably too many notes with them during my high school and college years. And I received some pens as presents from friends and relatives. But pens were hardly the obsession they are now and I never had the need to find very specialized shops.

But now I do look for pens and getting to write a list of them was almost a necessity.

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Second hand shops.

Anticuario López Linares
I have not visited this shop.

Calle Conde de Aranda 6
28001 Madrid
Tel: 914 351 049

Calle Claudio Coello 60
28001 Madrid
Tel: 915 762 648

Antigüedades El Campillo.
An antique shop with some pens. Irregular condition.

Calle Fernández Oviedo 8
28002 Madrid
Tel: 915 152 264

Club de Estilográficas de España
High quality vintage pens. The owners are specialized in early 20th century US American pens. Good selection of inks associated to tinteros.com. New pens of the brand Romillopens. English and French spoken.
Repair service available.

Ronda de Segovia 20
28005 Madrid
Tel: 914 619 079

Gráficas Santa Cruz
Never visited this shop.

Calle Rafael Calvo 40
28010 Madrid
Tel: 913 082 330

Trade Art S. L. - Julia Gusano
Nice shop with lots of vintage pens. The owner is a well known collector of Parker 51. Julia Gusano speaks English.
Repair service available

Calle Zurbano 84 - Segundo patio
28010 Madrid
Tel: 914 417 784

T & T Reparaciones

Never visited. Nominally, a repair center.

Calle Fenelón 18 Local 2B
28022 Madrid
Tel: 659 654 261
email: tonigomez1@hotmail.com

New-pen shops.

Carranza Estilográficas - Papelería Técnica Carranza
New pens and an acceptable selection of inks. Very friendly attention. Pens are sold with a 5% discount. As of Novemeber 2010, this shop does not carry Lamy pens.

Carranza 8
28004 Madrid
Tel: 914 486 494

Estilográficas Sacristán
Very traditional shop in Madrid. Specialized in high end pens.

Calle Mayor 27
28013 Madrid
Tel: 913 633 576

Papelería Coplan

Small selection. Some new old stock pens.

Calle Marcenado 34
28002 Madrid
Tel: 914 152 687

Papelería Jomar
I have never visited this shop.

Calle General Diaz Porlier 7
28001 Madrid
Tel: 914 351 895

Papelería Manuel Martín

I have never visited this shop.

Calle Santa Engracia 60
28013 Madrid
Tel: 914 473 571

Papelería Rey

High end pens. Hardly any discount.

Avda. Ciudad de Barcelona 144
28007 Madrid
Tel: 914 341 099

Papelería Salazar
Good selection of pens and inks, but not much technical knowledge. Very polite and attentive service.

Calle Luchana 7-9
28010 Madrid
Tel: 914 461 848

Papelería Técnica Sancer
From cheap fountain pens to high end. Some new old stock pens.

Calle Fernández de los Ríos 93
28015 Madrid
Tel: 915 496 344

Calle Fernando el Católico 77
28015 Madrid
Tel: 915 496 344

Romero Papelerías

Out of business.

(Pilot Elite Silver cap pocket pen – Sailor Red Brown)

Bruno Taut
(Madrid, November 13-16, 2010)
[labels: Madrid, mercado]

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