28 November 2010


Today I wanted to show some more music nibs (I, II, III). I must confess my attraction for them—on top of being visually very appealing, their writing is a real pleasure. Music nibs are, in essence, a complication on the idea of a stub nib—wide vertical line and fine horizontal stroke. The addition of a second slit (third tine) simply adds more ink flow to the nib.

The only music nibs on which I have put my hands are Japanese. And not much information can be found on the Internet about non-Japanese music nibs. I wonder if all this was a good indicator of the actual differences between Japanese and non-Japanese companies regarding nibs.

A Platinum P4 from 1950s. The clip is remarkably similar to that of Parker.

The first nib I am showing is a Platinum P4 from 1950s. It is a “shiro” nib in, of course, steel.

The engraving on the nib reads “PLATINUM / PLADIUM / (Company logo) / JIS logo / -<5>- / P-C”. Most likely, “pladium” is a misspelling.

Platinum music "shiro" nib.

The nib on the right belongs to a Pilot Super 100 (1960)--a self filling pen. The one on the left belongs to a Custom model from the late 1960s--a cartridge/converter pen.

The second nib belongs to a cartridge-converter Pilot Custom from late 1960s or early 1970s. It is very similar to the nib of the 1960 Pilot Super 100 already analyzed on these chronicles.

Pilot Custom from 1970s.

Finally, the third music nib is installed in a Pilot Custom from the 1970s. It is a more modern design.

Three different music nibs by Pilot. On the top, a Super 100 from 1960. On the left, the Pilot Custom from late 1960s. And on the right-bottom corner, a Pilot Custom from the 1970s.

The final picture show three Pilot music nibs and shows the different shape of the points.

My thanks to Mr. Yamada, nib master.

(Pilot Super 100 with music nib – Pilot Blue)

Bruno Taut
(Madrid, November 25-27th, 2010)
[labels: Pilot, Platinum, plumín, evento]

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