25 February 2011

T-shiki (T-式)

Five were the filling systems Pilot used on its pens during the early years of the company: safety (L-shiki, L-式), hoshiawase or star system (N-shiki), eyedropper (O-shiki), plunger filler (P-shiki), and lever filler (T-shiki).

Today’s pen is a lever filler black chased hard rubber (BCHR) pen equipped with a 14 carat gold nib in size 2.

Its dimensions are 126 mm in length and 12 g uninked.

The barrel has the brand name and the old company logo –an N encircled by a lifebuoy— engraved.

The ringtop is also made of 14 carat gold.

Its overall condition is fairly good, and it is ready to be inked and used.

(Twsbi Diamond 530 with a Pilot 5 nib – Sailor Yama-dori)

Bruno Taut
(Madrid, February 25th, 2011)
[labels: Pilot]

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anele said...

Bonita pluma; me gusta el capuchón.
Yo soy así de simple; ni sistemas de llenado, ni plumines, ... o me gusta o no me gusta (es lo que tiene el no entender, que me quedo con lo superfluo; pura estética) XDD

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