12 March 2011


To my friends of the Wagner Association of Pen Collectors in Japan.

Diamond Point was the name of a small American company of fountain pens, founded by the turn of the twentieth century in New York City. Initially, this brand manufactured eyedropper pens, and only around 1920 the production of lever-fillers started.

The Diamond Point on the front, compared to a modern Kaweco Sport.

By the mid 1920s, a change in ownership changed the company name to “New Diamond Point”. This brand ceased its activities in the mid 1950s after years of struggling.

Both pens, now posted.

Today’s pen is a very small lever-filler made. It in made in black hard rubber with no engraving on the barrel other than the brand name: “DIAMOND POINT / NEW YORK”. Therefore, this pen is likely to have been made in the early 1920s.

The pen, away from any reference, is remarkably balanced. The wooden stand, however, is 55 mm. long. Note the mildly discolored cap and barrel.

This pen is indeed tinyl: just 82 mm long (capped) and weights only 5 grams (without ink). Compared to mostly any pen, it is easily dwarfed.

The Diamond Point's nib compared to that of a Pilot Capless/Vanishing Point.

The nib is a 14 K gold warranted; surprisingly flexible given its very small size.

The hard rubber is discolored, showing some green hue, but otherwise is ready to be inked and ready to write.

(Twsbi Diamond 530 with a Pelikan nib – Diamine Amazing Amethyst)

Bruno Taut
March 11, 2011
[labels: Diamond Point]

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