04 March 2011

Stars (III)

Today’s pen is a black ebonite eyedropper with hoshiawase shut-off system by Pilot.

The section with the concentric cylinders of the shut-off system indicates that this pen was manufactured during the last years of existence of this shut-off system. It is more elaborate than in earlier pens. My sources from Pilot company say it comes back from early 1928, despite the fact that some others claim the hoshiawase system was phased out in 1926.

Modern, more elaborate, hoshiawase system, from 1926-1928.

Hoshiawase cylinders from around 1920.

This particular pen only shows the band name on the barrel and no other ornament.

It is a small pen—just 98 mm long capped and 8 grams.

The Pilot nib.

The nib is a flexible 14 K gold in size 1.

(Pilot Volex Black – Montegrappa Turquoise)

Bruno Taut
In exile, March 4, 2011
[labels: Pilot, soluciones técnicas]

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