17 June 2011

Kaweco Sport Eyedropper

I know I have advocated in favor of small deposits in fountain pens. And I do agree with the wise comment of Sven Opitz—not refilling a pen for a month makes it a boring month.

But I am also a tinkerer, and I enjoy experimenting. So, I tried to use a small Kaweco Sport Demonstrator as eyedropper pen.

That is a particularly well-suited pen for this transformation: a cartridge/converter of reduced size, all plastic made, and transparent. Then, I proceeded to fill the whole barrel with ink. I did not apply any grease nor added any gasket to the thread. And it does not leak at all. The nib I chose is a 1.1 mm italic from the Kaweco Calligraphy set.

Two sets of threads can be seen on the demonstrator pen. The one on the left is for the cap. The one on the far right is to attach barrel and section. This thread seals the barrel tightly--no ink leak after days of carrying the pen around in my pocket.

The result is a very well behaved pen—a generous flow, a big ink deposit (about 2.5 ml of ink, versus 0.7 ml in a short international cartridge), and an interesting nib. The drawback, of course, is being bound to use this royal blue ink for quite some time.

(Kaweco Sport, 1.1 mm italic nib – Senator Regent Royal Blue)

Bruno Taut
June 16th, 2011
[labels: Kaweco, soluciones técnicas]


Peninkcillin said...

Very nice. I was thinking about doing the same thing with my Kaweco but I'm just gonna refill the cartridge it came with. I'm a little bit afraid that the barrel might get unscrewed by mistake. In any case, I would use some silicon grease.

Anonymous said...

carry around and no leaking?

Bruno Taut said...

Right. No leaking at all. I did tighten barrel and section firmly, but no leak whatsoever.

(Excuse me, Anonymous, for the delay in replying. Your comment had been filed as spam by Blogger and could not easily see it.)

Thanks for commenting.


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