26 June 2011

The Otaku Syndrome

Para Ningyo-chan y Kendo-san en Sampaka.

I guess we all otaku are bound to experience this syndrome… Otaku, almost by definition, are obsessed with their pens and related objects –or whatever the object of their dreams might be—and we easily become very knowledgeable about them. More so than most professionals. But these professionals are in charge of catering our dreams when we enter their shops.

That has been my experience in most shops I have visited—mostly in Madrid and in Tokyo. Very soon you learned that there is a very shallow knowledge of the product they are selling in the person attending you. The logical exception to this rule is the second hand shop, but only when the owner is also the person in charge.

Sales people seem to have a hard time following Sailor's ink policy in the last years.

I wonder then, if those clerks were aware of the fact that some of their customers knew a lot more than themselves, and that those customers would be very pleased with a more knowledgeable attention.

I guess, finally, that suffering from this otaku syndrome is, more often than not, unavoidable… But I wished different.

(Kaweco Sport as eyedropper, 1.1i nib – Senator Regent Royal Blue)

Bruno Taut
June 23, 2011
[labels: estilofilia, mercado]


Peninkcillin said...

I've seen this mentioned on FPN, someone was complaining about the poor knowledge of the staff in a major pen store.

Personally I don't care one way or the other if the salesperson knows anything about the product he sells (any product, not just pens). That's because when I go inside a store to buy something I already know what I want.

anele said...

Mmmm, ricos chocolates. Salimos con tanta prisa que no tuve tiempo de comprar nada... tendré que volver, ja, ja.

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks, Peninkcillin, for your comment. I agree with you... most of the time. But some others, I go to a shop to see the latest arrivals and in search of some information to see that those few things I know are a lot more than anyone in the shop could offer.

As I said, I think that we are bound to this fate--it comes in t the fact that we are otaku.

Thanks for the comment.

Para Anele: gracias por dejar tu comentario y gracias por la sesión chocolatera. La repetimos cuando quieras.


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