31 August 2011


Despite what many people actually think, fountain pens are not necessarily expensive. A number of companies –and certainly so the big three pen producers in Japan— make entry level inexpensive pens aiming at younger users.

A recent arrival in this market is the Clear Candy pen made by Sailor. Sixteen different models —or sixteen different decorations for the same pen— form this line aiming at high school and college students. Regular Sailor cartridges and converters can be used on these pens, and a special selection of cartridged inks are marketed in combination with them. Sure enough, these cartridges can be used in any other cartridge/converter Sailor pen (save the obvious exception of the ultra-thin Chalana).

With the exception of the yellow ink, they could very likely be the same colors marketed in inkwells by Sailor for this year.

The Candy inks: pink, green, yellow, red brown, black, orange, blue black, and sky blue.

The F2 steel nib. The threads for the cap can be seen on the bottom right corner.

The pen, on its side, performs smoothly with a constant ink flow. The nib, in steel, is very rigid, and its point, not declared, might be a medium fine. The cap, quite surprisingly for an inexpensive product, screws in the barrel.

Sky blue and red brown ink cartridges.

The price of the pen is JPY 1000, plus taxes, and a set of two cartridges cost JPY 100 (plus taxes). The later is fairly expensive given the fact that a pack of six ink cartridges in black or blue-black can be found for that same price.

NOTE added on February 6th, 2013. More information on the Sailor Candy can be found on the chronicle "On Candies. Correction"

(Pilot Super Ultra 500– Pilot Blue black)

Bruno Taut
August 30th, 2011
[labels: Sailor]

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