19 August 2011

Size Differences

A blog is a work in progress—all the time. But hopefully what we learn today improves and completes what we wrote yesterday.

I have written extensively about the Platinum Honest 60 and its European counterparts in Italy –Joker 60— and Spain –Presidente. The similarities were obvious, but all these pens are far from being identical. To the differences on the filling systems –cartridge/converter for the Japanese; aerometric for the Europeans—we must add the additional detail of the size:

The Japanese Honest 60, with golden cap, is bigger than its European relatives. (Authorship of the pictures as stated on the watermarks).

Platinum Honest 60:
Length capped: 138 mm.
Length open: 126 mm.
Length posted: 146 mm.
Diameter: 12 mm.

Weight: 14.5 g (dry).


Length capped: 134 mm.
Length open: 123 mm.
Length posted: 150 mm.
Diameter: 10 mm.

Weight: 14.5 g (dry).

Joker 60:

Length capped: 134 mm.

Length open: 120 mm.

Length posted: 152 mm.

Diameter: 10 mm.

14.5 g (dry).

Platinum Honest 60, on the left, and Presidente, on the right, disassembled.

On the left, the Platinum Honest 60´s feed. On the right, that of the Spanish Presidente.

These differences and the different filling systems affect to the size and shape of the feeds. However, the Presidente´s and Honest 60´s nibs are exactly identical save the cosmetic detail of the Presidente´s being gold plated. And this poses an interesting paradox—a Spanish pen manufactured under the control of the Japanese Ministry of Industry.

The Honest 60´s and Presidente´s nibs in steel.

The Joker 60´s nib. Picture by Kostas K.

The Italian Joker 60 seems to be closer in size to the Spanish Presidente. However, its nib has a totally different engraving.

The quest for information continues.

My thanks to Kostas K.

(Esterbrook J Double Jewel – Diamine Teal)

Bruno Taut
August 18th, 2011
[labels: Platinum, Presidente, Joker]

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