04 September 2012


Push was the pen brand of the company Tanaka-Daigen-Do founded by Tomisaburô Tanaka in Osaka in 1918. The main technological argument in its early pens was a spiral-shaped ink channel that favored the ink flow and avoided the need to shake the pen —eyedroppers with shut-off valve— before using it. After the war. the company produced a number of very attractive pens with silver overlaid decorations.

A Push pen, made of celluloid, probably in the 1940s.

The clip is engraved with the name of the company and its logo.

The founder died in 1967, and its company survived him up to today. However, it stopped the pen production in the late 1960s.

The Push pen I am presenting now is made of celluloid; implements a lever filler, a stainless steel nib, and an ebonite feed. It is engraved with the brand name on the nib, on the clip, and on the barrel. These are its dimensions:

Length closed: 122 mm.
Length open: 108 mm
Length posted: 141 mm
Diameter: 11.5 mm (cap)
Weight: 12.0 g (dry)

The steel nib is engraved as follows: "ACID PROOF / PUSH / IRIDIUM / POINTED".

The beautiful feed made of hard rubber.

My best guess is that this pen dates back from the 1940s.

Pilot G-300V – Wagner 2008 ink

Bruno Taut
September 3rd, 2012
etiquetas: Japón, Push


Bana Sıkça Yaz said...

Oh it is a great pen. I really love the shades of green. And I am quite surprised that the pen has a "quasi" medium nib not a fine or extra fine.

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks, Zeynep, for passing by and commenting.

Now, this nib has been customized into a smooth italic, almost stub by a Japanese nibmeister.

However, you should not believe all that people say about Japanese pens being only in EF and F points. Some of the broadest nibs I know were Japanese, as was the case of some scans I sent you some months ago.

Thanks again for your comments.



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