07 September 2012

Family Portrait (IV)

If, as I claimed, the Pilot Capless family of pens is one of the very few icons in the Japanese pen scene, it truly deserves a family portrait. On the following picture we can see all the models of this pen. Color variations are not included here.

However, two rarities do figure on it—the transparent version, never for sale, of the Spring 1965 model; and the Platinum’s short lived Knock model.

My thanks to Mr. Niikura.

Pilot G-300V – Wagner 2008 ink

Bruno Taut
September 7th, 2012
etiquetas: Pilot, Platinum, Capless


Kostas K. said...

Wow. I can not do or think of anything else since I saw this picture!
A couple of them are missing their stickers though ;-)

write to me often said...

They sure seem nice and inspiring especially these days, while I decided to get a Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Black. Do you have any recommendations on this?

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks, Kostas K and Zeynep, for your comments.

Nobody´s perfect, Kostas. Our friends of FP Geeks might be disappointed by those missing stickers.

About the "stealth" Capless, Zeynep, or about any modern Capless, two pieces of advice and a comment:

1. Follow the nib, not the pen. My best Capless nib is a FM (18 K gold), but it is only sold in Japan. In this pen, however, changing the nib is easier than ever. Check this links, please:





2. You might want to check the slim and lighter Decimo model and the twist-knob heavier Fermo, especially the first. For you, who claimed there are, and there should be, pens for women, a Decimo seems a better option. I really like it, actually.

3. About the matte black Capless, I have seen that its appealing finish is quite prone to chip off. That is particularly obvious on the contact point between clip and barrel. Somehow, this might be a pen to display rather than to use.

Thank you all for passing by and commenting.


write to me often said...

Dear Bruno,

Thank you for your response. For some reason, I have to make my order from Goulet Pens. Here is the link but there is nothing indicating pens as Decimo or Fermo, of course I should be preferring the light one.


Do you think those are Fermo. I am quite unfamiliar with Capless models.

Carmen said...

wow. this is some porn. espectaculares. I have one, bought from Japan a couple of years ago, but it's a very basic one. love it, though.

Bruno Taut said...

Gracias, Carmen, por su comentario. La pornografía estilográfica también está protegida por la Primera Enmienda...

Las Capless modernas suelen escribir muy bien y son muy cómodas de usar. Que sean más o menos atractivas es secundario.

Gracias por pasarse por estos lares.


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