07 February 2014

Pilot Capless - 1965 (I) - RW Models


In 1965 Pilot reduced the price of Capless pens even more by introducing yet another model. This was a much simpler pen initially aimed at the student market. These series of models were made of aluminum, and the nibs, at first, were made of steel. On this model, the opening of the pen, to release and fill the nib unit, is done by removing the push button. This design feature makes this pen particularly light.

On top, the long C-100RW model. On bottom, the shorter (and more common) CS-100RW.

The more luxurious CS-200RW, released in October of 1965. Its main characteristics are the 14 K gold nib and the gold plated clip.


Codes. C-100RW, CS-100RW, CS-200RW. The first, from March 1965, is longer than the rest due simply to a longer push button. Apparently, the basic and more common shorter version CS-100RW was released later than the long one. Finally, the luxury model CS-200RW, with a golden clip and a 14 K gold nib, was marketed in October 1965.
Original_price. JPY 1000 (C-100RW and CS-100RW) and JPY 2000 (CS-200RW).
Production_years. 1965-?
Nib_unit. Type III. Steel and gold 14 K. There are several variations on this type.
Filling_system C-100RW (long model): 2 double-spare cartridges. CON-W can be used.
CS-100RW and CS-200RW (short models): 1 double-spare cartridge. Coverter CON-W cannot be used.
Opening_system. "Knock system" (push button). The button has two positions. The first one, the first knock, releases the nib. The second retracts it. If, when closed, pushed the button deep inside, the nib will return to the closed position.


C-100RW CS-100RW / CS-200RW
Length closed 136 mm 125 mm
Length open 128 mm 117 mm
Diameter 11 mm 11 mm
Weight ca. 15 g ca. 13 g

Nib unit:

Type III. In steel and in 14 K gold. There are two main variations, IIIa and IIIb. The second of them, however, shows many small variations that will be labeled as IIIb.1, IIIb.2 and IIIb.3. On these IIIb units, the final push button is perfectly interchangeable among them. That is not the case with unit type IIIa, whose push button only fits that type. For more information, check the pictures and their captions. 14 K gold nibs are only implemented on IIIb types. All the nibs can be used in all the pens with the only caveat of the use of the appropriate tail for type IIIa nibs.

On top, the type IIIa nib; on bottom, type IIIb.1. Note the plastic notch on the first. The notch is metallic on all type IIIb nibs. The way the nib units fits into the push buttton aldo differs on these two general types IIIa and IIIb.

On top, the type IIIa nib. On bottom, a IIIb.

From top to bottom, types IIIa, IIIb.1, IIIb.2 and IIIb.3. The differences among these last three types lay on the metal notch and the ring on that same area.

On top, type IIIb.2; on bottom, IIIb.1. There is no ring on the IIIb.1. On IIIb.2 the ring is cut to avoid the guiding notch.

Type IIIb.3. The notch is on top of the ring.

Additional data.

These pens were made in a very wide number of colors. There also exists a clipless demonstrator version of the short model (either CS-100RW or CS-200RW) that was never for sale.

Nibs and bodies are engraved with the production place and date.

CS-100RW and CS-200RW in assorted colors, including a demonstrator unit.

Three variations of the CS-200RW.

The transparent version of the RW Capless from 1965.

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Bruno Taut
Yokohama, February 2014
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rafoki said...

Good evening. I have a pen that seems to be the long version of CS-200RW, there was a C-200RW model?

Bruno Taut said...

Yes, there existed a long version with 14 K gold nib and golden clip. They are rare, though.

Thanks for passing by and commenting.



rafoki said...

thank you!

Volsfan said...

Does anyone have an extra nib unit for these pens. What I really need is the plastic ring on these nib units. My nib unit is fine just missing plastic ring.I was also wondering if anyone had a 3D printer that had a nib unit with plastic ring that they could pull off and print one. Any help would be greatful!!!!

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