21 February 2014

Pilot Capless - 1968 - C-250SS


In 1968, Pilot gave another turn to the idea of a capless pen by creating the Capless without any pushing (or pulling) mechanism. The 1968 model is probably the most original among all Capless models ever made by Pilot or by any other maker.

C-250SS, first model, initially released in May of 1968.

The second model had a black sliding button in the clip, otherwise fixed to the pen body. It was released some months later than the initial version, probably already in 1969.


Codes. C-250SS. This model is made of stainless steel with the tail in black plastic. There are two variations. The first one (May 1968) has a sliding clip. The second one, released some months later, has a fixed clip and a button on it. (Refer to the pictures).
Original_price. C-250SS: JPY 2500
Production_years. 1968-1969(?)
Nib_unit. Type V. Gold 14 K.
Filling_system Single spare cartridge. CON-20 and CON-50 can be used.
Opening_system. “Sliding mechanism”. The nib moves in and out sliding along the pen body by gravity. The sliding clip or button simply open a small door to allow the nib to move down either to release the nib (pen pointing down) or to hide it (pen pointing up).

Pilot C-250SS. 1968.


Length closed 129.5 mm
Length open 136 mm
Diameter 11.5 mm
Weight 18.1 - 19.4 g

The black piece on the back can be uncrewed to access the nib unit.

Nib unit:

Type V. In 14 K gold. This is the first Capless model to use single spare cartridges and converters CON-20 and CON-50.

The type V nib unit. The metal sheath on the back hides the single spare ink cartridge. To use a converter, either CON-20 or CON-50, the sheath has to be removed.

Detail of the nib unit. The step under the nib secures the position of the nib released to write.

Additional information:

Two variations existed on this model. The first one, from May 1968, had the whole clip sliding to open the way to the nib. The second model, released some months later, has a black plastic button on the clip. Pressing it operates the mechanism to release the nib. The clip is fixed to the pen body.

As is the case of most Pilot pens of the time, both the nib unit and the body are dated.

The first C-250SS model with the nib extended.

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Bruno Taut
Yokohama, February 2014
etiquetas: Pilot, Capless


dowdyism said...

Really love the look of this one.

Anonymous said...

im-pre-sio-nan-te !!!!

Pedro Sette-Câmara said...

I found one of these in Brazil soon after seeing another go on eBay for 511 USD. A great writer, really. Still, I must confess: I purchased it with the idea of reselling.

Bruno Taut said...

Congratulations, Pedro, on your find. These pens are rare. However, that price looks unrealistically high. I am afraid there is a bubble in the prices of Capless pens.

Thanks for passing by and commenting.


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