03 April 2014

Pilot Capless - 1971 - C-400BS and C-400SS


Apparently, the 1968 model (C-250SS) was short lived, but that does not mean that there were no Capless pens in the market. In fact, the 1964 model saw a variation in 1969 in the form of a B nib in combination with the old pen style (code C-300GW-B).

In June of 1971 Pilot, created a new “push button” capless pen. This model follows the looks of other pens of the time and uses steel extensively.

The two Caples in the center of the image are, from left to right, the C-400BS and the C-400SS.


Codes. C-400BS and C-400SS. This model is made of stainless steel and plastic. There two codes correspond to models with black stripes (suffix BS), and with non-colored stripes (SS).
Original_price. C-400BS and C-400SS: JPY 4000
Production_years. 1971-1973(?)
Nib_unit. Type VI. Gold 14 K.
Filling_system Single spare cartridge. CON-20 and CON-50 can be used.
Opening_system. “Knock system” (push button). This is the first push-button model with just one position on it. Pressing the button to the one and only position both releases and hides the nib.

Pilot C-400BS. June of 1971.


C-400BS & C-400SS
Length closed 139.5 mm
Length open 147 mm
Diameter 12.0 mm
Weight 19.0 g

Nib unit:

Type VI. In 14 K gold. This nib uses single spare cartridges and converters CON-20 and CON-50.

The type VI nib unit. The metal sheath on the back hides the single spare ink cartridge. To use a converter, either CON-20 or CON-50, the sheath has to be removed.

The nose.

Additional information:

On these models, bodies are engraved with the production place and date on the black plastic area. Nibs's dating codes are not visible.

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Bruno Taut
Nakano, April 2014
etiquetas: Pilot, Capless

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