11 October 2014

A Word of Thanks

I owe an explanation and a word of thanks to the readers of these texts and, more in particular, to those who took the effort to comment on my text entitled “Question”.

These are the reasons that triggered that text: I was going to be away from home and I wanted some Chronicles ready to be published easily. Then, it also happened that that “Question” text was my 400th Chronicle and the self-reflection on this effort was –still is— unavoidable. Finally, I discovered myself browsing over some blogs, including my own, without really reading any text in depth.

Therefore, once again, are these texts appreciated?

Thanks to those commenting I see now I have some actual readers, and I feel relieved. But the question was relevant—there are a number of people in the cyberspace trying to provide some relevant information on –re our context— fountain pens. And yet, too often, it is hard to avoid the feeling that no real impact they make. The information is out there, but many ignore it and do not make any effort to look for it. The impression –might be wrong, of course— is that little improvement is achieved on the general pen literacy. And then, the same questions arise once and again in fora and similar spaces. Never before information was more widespread and easy to find, but few seem ready to make the effort of finding it.

And if so, why bother writing anything?

Your comments meant a lot. This blog receives very few comments and therefore they are most valued.


Platinum pocket pen, music nib – B-Stock-Nakajima Sumire (Sailor)

Bruno Taut
Shinjuku, October 13rd 2014
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Paul aka Ink Blotto said...

I enjoy your blog immensely and read every update AND look at the pictures. Your writing is much more scholarly and well researched than the average pen blog, and I've learned more because of that. Writing rarely involves much feedback until you reach a certain level of fame or notoriety, so please know you have regular readers that appreciate what you have been doing.

taotsu said...

Hi Bruno,

I have been reading your blog for about 3 months now, I check it every day not to miss any updates and follow your links and read the chronicles you link back to.
Not only have I learned a lot, my hunger to get some more vintage fountain pens has ever grown.
Since I live in Yokohama, but hardly speak Japanese your chronicles are a great guidance!

I hope you will continue to write. Your blog means a lot to me!!

Unknown said...

Yes we do read your blog and we're grateful, although we didn't express it most of the time. We'll do better!

Paul Bloch said...

Jose Luis -
I read three blogs regularly: yours, and those by David Nishimura and George Kovalenko. I read them to learn about writing instruments and their history. Far too many people view the net as an opportunity to see their name in print. Those who inform and educate us are to be cherished and encouraged, I think, and if you, my friend, need encouragement or appreciation, I will make it a point to continue to do so. Your posts are always enjoyable, and the fact that you talk, generally, about other than mainstream companies, makes them even more worthwhile. Please continue, knowing that whatever the size of your audience, it sounds like we all look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruno
I do read your texts although sometimes there are so specialized in japanese pens that are slightly unprehensible for an ordinary collector or just a fp lover. Keep on with your chronicles as long as the are a much valuable fountain of knowledge in such an interesting world.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Bruno!
I have been reading your blog for about 2 years, but usually don't leave comments, sorry. I haven't seen many blogs about Japanese pens in English, maybe there is a lot in Japanese, but that ones I use mostly for educational purpose ^_^ That's why the work you do is highly appreciated. Of course pictures are great (like this post of you, it's salt to the wound, cause I still don't have Platinum pocket with music nib), but without text; your investigations, reviews and thoughts blog would be incomplete.
I hope you like what you're doing, because I do.

Rafael R. Pappalardo said...

Maybe people do have troubles finding information but at least 131 times your blog has been mentioned at FPN advising others to read some of your posts.
Thanks a lot,

Tberry said...

I am probably typical of many of your readers who read your blog but do not post comments. I generally don't post comments cause I don't have much to say. It never occurred to me that just a 'well done' would help.
WELL DONE: yes I am shouting and I hope others who enjoy and learn from you will do the same to let you know we do appreciate you and your willingness to share your knowledge.

Please keep iti up, and thank you.

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