29 October 2014


Nowadays, Japanese pen companies are probably those offering the widest selection of nib points in their catalogs. Aside of the specialty nibs by Sailor –custom made and not always readily available—, the most brilliant case is Pilot. For size 10 nibs, Pilot offers up to 15 different points. And yet, there are no oblique nibs among them. In fact, oblique nibs are a rarity in Japanese pens, but that does not mean there had not been any.

Here I am showing an example—a Pilot Custom 67 implementing an oblique broad nib.

A full collection of Pilot Custom 67. All the colors, all the nibs.

The Custom 67 with OB nib.

As was explained before on these Chronicles, the 65th anniversary of Pilot was commemorated with the release of the first balance model in modern times. It followed the style of some pre-war Pilots, and was named the Custom 65. This was a limited edition, but was soon followed –in 1985— by the non-limited Custom 67.

On this case, the nib is marked with its size, 5. That was not the case of the music nib previously presented. This nib was manufactured on August of 1992 at the Hiratsuka plant.

The feed, as was the case on the music nib, does not implement the internal core that can be seen on current models.

Nib-wise, this model came with a wide variety of nibs—up to nine of them, as can be seen on the first picture of this Chronicle. Among them, the music nib preciously described, and an oblique broad. Put to work, this OB nib is more of a medium or fine medium than a broad.

Written sample of the OB nib (save the text in violet).

The remaining characteristics of this pen were already described: it is a cartridge-converter pen with a 14 K gold nib, screw in cap, made of plastic.

My thanks to Mr. Fukuyo.

Platinum pocket pen, music nib – Nakajima Sumire-iro

Bruno Taut
Nakano, October 28th 2014
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