10 May 2015

Fountain Pens of the World Festival (III)

The third leg of these texts on the Festival “Fountain Pens of the World” organized by Mitsukoshi department store are the limited releases made for the occasion, and for the 100th anniversary of the company.

The brown version of the Custom 742.

Pilot offered two versions of the well-known Custom 742 model. The varuiations oer the regular model laid on the body colors, red and brown, and on the nib. The regular size-10 nibs were now made of 18 K gold —just like those of the Namiki Yukari or the new Chinkin Series--, and showed a special engraving referring to Mitsukoshi’s symbol, a lion. 50 units of each color were made.

The nib of the Custom 742 is made of 18 K gold.

Sailor, on its side, offered a red ink by the name of “101 st”, and three pens—a Professional Gear in green (60 units), a black Profit (1911 in some markets, 50 units), and a maki-e decorated Profit (10 units) equipped with a Naginata Togi nib. The engraving of the black Profit nib was also special for the event.

Sailor's products for the occasion.

Detail of the maki-e pen by Sailor. Its name is "Lion and Bridge"--Mitsukoshi at Nihonbashi.

Detail of nib of the limited edition Sailor Profit. Again, a lion.

Finally, Platinum also offered a 3776 Century with a special decoration involving, of course, a lion. 100 units were released. I did not have the chance to see this pen and the picture is taken from the leaflet of the whole event.

Platinum's 3776 Century made for the Mitsukoshi's event. Picture taken from Mitsukoshi's leaflet of the event.

These limited edition pens attract the eye of the collector willing to pay premium for an unusual unit. These pens create an incentive for him –very often well aware of the market news and releases—to attend an event that otherwise would be all too predictable. Again, the outreach plan works even for the aficionado.

No wonder the pen scene in Japan was so active nowadays.

Romillo Essential Black – Parker Quink Blue

Bruno Taut
Nakano, April 24th, 2015
etiquetas: Sailor, Platinum, Pilot, mercado, evento


Inktraveler said...

The Sailor's inkwell in the picture looks like the Hakase Sepia. Isn't it?

Bruno Taut said...

Similar, yes, but not the same. That is the regular inkwell of custom-made Sailor inks.

Thanks for passing by and commenting.

See you soon!


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